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Selkirk Mountain Range

We are a family-owned business in the beautiful area of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, crafting all of our paddles right here in the United States. Our company named after the Selkirk Mountains which can be seen right outside our facility doors. The Selkirks make up the westernmost range of the Rocky Mountains and straddle the border of Washington and Idaho extending north into British Columbia. We love living here with our families in the great Northwestern United States. We have chosen the name Selkirk as a reflection of the influences this region has had on our lives and seek to spread the same to the rest of the world.

With that in mind, we have dedicated ourselves to crafting high-performance Pickleball Paddles in the industry. We are committed to innovation and quality in both our designs and craftsmanship. Selkirk Sport first launched in 2013 when brothers Rob and Mike Barnes, along with their dad Jim Barnes and father-in-law Russell Heistuman, put their diverse skill sets together to create high-performance Pickleball paddles.

Selkirk Sport Owner, Rob Barnes

Rob Barnes is our product manager. He is constantly looking for new technology and materials to implement into our line of paddles, while also working with our pro players to meet all their needs. 

Selkirk Sport Owner, Mike Barnes

Mike Barnes is our operations manager. He loves to work behind the scenes dealing with all of our systems and administration details.

 Selkirk Sport Owner, Jim Barnes

Jim Barnes is our production manager, the strict enforcer of all of our quality controls.

Selkirk Sport Owner, Russell Heistuman

Russell Heistuman is our brand manager. All of the professional designs you see on our paddles are due to Russ’ design skills.

Selkirk Sport Warehouse

With Pickleball becoming the fastest growing sport in North America, we strive to stand out from the increasingly crowded field of Pickleball paddle manufacturers. We want to introduce innovative ideas to the traditional Pickleball paddles. Pushing the norm to new levels of technology to bring our customers premier Pickleball paddles. We live by our motto: MADE RIGHT, MADE HERE, NO COMPROMISE.






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