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Age: 35

From: Moscow and currently resides in Seattle, WA. 

Before becoming a National Champion and multiple US Open medalist, Irina played tennis at Texas Tech as their top player in both singles and doubles.  Almost immediately after being introduced to Pickleball, Irina quickly became a competitive and accomplished Pro.  She loves teaching Pickleball because she feels it is a “great battleground for different styles of play and people of all skill levels can really enjoy themselves playing the sport.”  When she’s not teaching or traveling to and winning medals in tournaments, Irina also finds time for snowboarding and waterskiing.


Key Titles:

  • 2017 USAPA Nationals Women’s Singles Open Silver
  • 2017 USAPA Nationals Women’s Doubles Open Silver
  • 2017 US Open Women’s Singles Pro Silver
  • 2017 US Open Women’s Doubles Pro Silver
  • 2017 TOC Women’s Doubles Pro Bronze
  • 2017 TOC Women’s Singles Pro Bronze
  • 2017 PPF Northwest Women’s Doubles Gold
  • 2017 PPF Northwest Women’s Singles Bronze
  • 2017 PPF Northwest Mixed Doubles Bronze
  • 2016 USAPA Nationals Women’s Singles Open Gold
  • 2016 USAPA Nationals Mixed Doubles 19+ Silver
  • 2016 USAPA Nationals Women’s Doubles Open Bronze
  • 2016 USAPA Nationals Women’s Doubles 19+ Silver
  • 2016 US Open Mixed Doubles 25+ Gold
  • 2016 US Open Women’s Doubles 30+ Gold



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  • Posted On August 23, 2019 by Craig jones

    I also winter for 6 months in Tucson and would love to have her visit or gives some lesson at our club in Oro Valley, we currently have about 400 member in our club, not all active though. Great to watch your play, we saw your win at the national in Indian Wells, what a great venue, nice gardens and eats, continue your success

  • Posted On November 23, 2018 by David Woerner

    I’d be interested in lessons with Irina. Contact info would be appreciated.

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