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Vivienne David





Mississauga, Canada (Now in FL)


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Short Bio:

Vivienne is the second youngest out of seven children: six girls and one boy. There was never a dull moment in their house! She is also the daughter of Jan David, the founder and owner of Pickleball & Tennis US and Pickleball Global. It is a family business, and Vivienne also works for her father in the store. She is very thankful and blessed by the Lord for her family, who mean so much to her. Vivienne's background is in tennis. She started playing tennis when she was 8 years old, and has played competitively and traveled around Florida for junior tournaments. She recently started playing more Pickleball, and has enjoyed learning the similarities and differences between the two sports.
"I still really, really enjoy tennis, but I must say, pickleball is a new sport on my list!" - Vivienne David


2018 Indian Open Mixed Doubles Open Division Gold Medalist
2019 Gamma Riverbend Pro Mixed Doubles Gold Medalist
2019 Sanibel Pro Mixed Doubles Gold Medalist


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  • Posted On May 01, 2021 by Bill Masucci

    I enjoyed watching you play.
    Watched you in Punta Gorda.
    Thought you played exceptional at the the NVZ.
    At 82 I am working at getting to the NVZ And taken the
    Ball on the fly. Any tips you use there that can help a old fart.
    Good luck. California Bill

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