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Team Selkirk Advisory Staff Member, Ty McGuffin, 28, is the current men’s singles National Champion, winning the Men's Singles Open Division of the 2017 USA Pickleball Association National Championships, at Palm Creek Golf RV Resort in Casa Grande, AZ. McGuffin, a former competitive tennis player and top-rated teacher in Idaho, is one of Professional Pickleballs most accomplished and recognizable players. He currently competes nationwide playing in singles and doubles events sanctioned by the USA Pickleball Association, the sports’ governing body. A natural athlete, McGuffin grew up in Lake Chelan, Washington, in a family that was into wrestling in a huge way, as his father was a high school wrestling coach. While wrestling was his main sport growing up, he found tennis at a later age, and took up the game competitively at the junior college level after passing up on a wrestling scholarship. While continuing to play competitively, McGuffin eventually became a tennis instructor, before being introduced to the sport of Pickleball at his local YMCA. While initially struggling with the fast-paced game, he eventually parlayed his tennis skills into becoming a competitive player. While new to the sport, McGuffin turned professional less than two years after picking up his first Pickleball paddle, and his success
was immediate as he won multiple championships in 2016 and 2017, including his USAPA Men’s Singles Open National Championship victory. Today, when not traveling to play on the professional Pickleball circuit, McGuffin resides in Hayden, Idaho, with his wife and young son, where he serves as a USPTA and IPTPA certified tennis instructor, as well as a certified Pickleball teacher, working out of the PEAK Health Wellness Center’s Hayden Tennis Center.

Key Titles

  • 2017 USA Pickleball Association National Championships
  • Men’s Singles Open Division Champion
  • 2016 Int’l Indoor Pickleball Championship
  • Gold - Men’s Singles Open
  • 2016 So Cal Summer Classic
  • Gold - Men’s Singles Open
  • 2016 Coeur D’Alene Classic Pickleball Tournament
  • Gold - 5.0 Men’s Singles  
  • Gold - 5.0 Men’s Doubles



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