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Posted on by JAN DAVID

Kyle Yates
Age: 23
From: Fort Myers, FL.

Kyle is a multiple-time National Champion and picked up the sport while still in high school down in Fort Myers, Florida.  Growing up as a soccer player, he transitioned to Tennis, then Pickleball.  While at the University of Florida, he would spend his weekends, not at school, but at the Villages in Florida playing against some of the top Pickleball players of the time.  Kyle started competing nationally at 19 years old.  In his very first competitive tournament, the SoCal classic in 2014, he won Gold in 5.0 singles, shocking the Pickleball world by defeating the #1 ranked player in the world at the time.  His very first Nationals, also in 2014, he won Gold in Men’s Doubles 19+.  Kyle was chosen as 2016 Pickleball Rocks player of the year and now teaches and plays Pickleball professionally full-time.  He helps teach at the US Open Pickleball Academy in Naples, Florida and also travels around the world to help spread the love of the game.


“People assume I was some big-time tennis player.. I wasn’t.  I played tennis, but compared to some of these other guys, I wasn’t very good…It just goes to show that anybody can be good at Pickleball, regardless of background, if they really work at it.” - Kyle Yates 


Fun Facts: 

  • Has played Pickleball with Andy Roddick
  • Won 5 gold medals in 1 tournament (2015 southwest regional) 
  • Has won a gold medal in 5.0 with each: his mom, sister, brother in law, and uncle
  • Has won a gold medal at some point in every tournament he’s ever competed in
  • In 2 years he has yet to earn less than a silver medal in ANY men’s doubles events in which he competed 


Key Titles:

  • 2017 US Open Men’s doubles Pro Champion
  • 2017 SoCal Classic Men’s Doubles Pro Champion 
  • 2017 Florida State Men’s Doubles Champion 
  • 2017 Presidents Cup Champion 
  • 2017 PPF Desert Singles Champion
  • 2017 PPF Northwest Mixed Doubles Champion 
  • 2017 PPF Rockies Men’s AND Mixed Doubles Champion
  • 2017 Canadian Nationals Men’s Doubles Pro Champion
  • 2017 Grand Canyon State Open Men’s Doubles Champion
  • 2017 US Open 19+ Mixed Doubles Champion with (Sister) Sarah Yates
  • 2016 Pickleball Rocks Player of the Year 
  • 2016 US Open Men’s Doubles Pro Champion
  • 2016 Tournament of Champions Men’s Doubles Pro Champion
  • 2016 USAPA Nationals Open Men’s Doubles Champion