At Onix, we are pickleball fanatics, just like you. We love the game and are committed to growing the sport of pickleball with top-of-the line products - a job that we take very seriously. Founded in 2005, our mission has always been to deliver top-quality equipment with advanced technologies and features that raise the bar for everyone on the court. Our paddles are designed by players, for players. Through on-going research and development, our engineers are continually developing new products that lead the way for the entire pickleball community. Our goal is to produce the best pickleball paddles, balls, and equipment that will take your game - and the entire sport of pickleball - to the next level. And we are doing just that. Take a look around, and you'll see why Onix is considered the best in pickleball.

Pro Players

To ensure our products are at the forefront of professional pickleball play, we partner with elite players at the top-level of the sport that depend on Onix to give them an advantage on the court. And just as our pro players trust Onix to provide top-quality products, we look to our players for expertise in developing innovative pickleball equipment with professional-level refinement. Our phenomenal players play in national tournaments across the country, representing Team Onix and the excellence that we strive for every day.