Ty McGuffin

Team Selkirk Advisory Staff Member, Ty McGuffin, 28, is the current men’s singles National Champion, winning the Men's Singles Open Division of the 2017 USA Pickleball Association National Championships, at Palm Creek Golf RV Resort in Casa Grande, AZ. McGuffin, a former competitive tennis player and top-rated teacher in Idaho, is one of Professional Pickleballs most accomplished and recognizable players. He currently competes nationwide playing in singles and doubles events sanctioned by the USA Pickleball Association, the sports’ governing body. A natural athlete, McGuffin grew up in Lake Chelan, Washington, in a family that was into wrestling in a huge way, as his father was a high school wrestling coach. While wrestling was his main sport growing up, he found tennis at a later age, and took up the game competitively at the junior
college level after passing up on a wrestling scholarship. While continuing to play competitively, McGuffin eventually became a tennis instructor, before being introduced to the sport of Pickleball at his local YMCA. While initially struggling with the fast-paced game, he eventually parlayed his tennis skills into becoming a competitive player. While new to the sport, McGuffin turned professional less than two years after picking up his first Pickleball paddle, and his success
was immediate as he won multiple championships in 2016 and 2017, including his USAPA Men’s Singles Open National Championship victory. Today, when not traveling to play on the professional Pickleball circuit, McGuffin resides in Hayden, Idaho, with his wife and young son, where he serves as a USPTA and IPTPA certified tennis instructor, as well as a certified Pickleball teacher, working out of the PEAK Health Wellness Center’s Hayden Tennis Center.

Key Titles

  • 2017 USA Pickleball Association National Championships
  • Men’s Singles Open Division Champion
  • 2016 Int’l Indoor Pickleball Championship
  • Gold - Men’s Singles Open
  • 2016 So Cal Summer Classic
  • Gold - Men’s Singles Open
  • 2016 Coeur D’Alene Classic Pickleball Tournament
  • Gold - 5.0 Men’s Singles  
  • Gold - 5.0 Men’s Doubles


Tonja Major

Team Selkirk Advisory Staff Member, Tonja Major, has been a professional Pickleball player since 2011. She currently competes nationwide playing in doubles events sanctioned by the USA Pickleball Association, the sports’ governing body. Major, who has worked as a professional aesthetician for the past 14 years, was introduced to the sport of Pickleball by her future
husband, Lavon, over 20 years ago. She immediately fell in love with the game, while rising in the ranks as a competitive player in singles and doubles before turning professional in 2011.  Since that time, she has enjoyed tremendous success, especially competing at the doubles level, and has captured numerous tournaments around the country, including multiple major championships. Tonja also teaches at Pickleball Station, the Pickleball facility developed and run
by PickleballCentral.com, the largest online retailer of Pickleball. Today, Tonja and Lavon reside in Lynnwood, Washington, as she continues to define her professional Pickleball career, while
promoting the game at all levels.

Key Titles

  • 2017 US Open
  • Gold – Mixed Doubles 35+
  • 2016 International Indoor Championship
  • Gold – Women’s Doubles
  • 2014 Oregon State Games
  • Gold - Women’s Doubles
  • 2012 USAPA Nationals
  • Gold – Women’s Doubles 19+

Morgan Evans

Team Selkirk Advisory Staff Member, Morgan Evans, 35, is a professional tennis and Pickleball
instructor at Shadow Mountain Resort, in Palm Desert, California, where he resides. In 2017,
Evans, who complements his coaching with competing on the professional Pickleball circuit, was
named the sport’s first-ever Professional Tour Pickleball Coach, now serving as an instructor for
the sport’s elite players. In Evans’ inaugural tournament, he helped guide professional Pickleball
athlete, Tyson McGuffin, to his first-ever major Championship, winning the Men's Singles Open
Division of the 2017 USA Pickleball Association National Championships. As a player, Evans is one
of the country’s top Pickleball professionals, and one the game’s elite doubles players,
despite only turning pro in 2016. Today, in addition to his Professional Tour coaching in
Pickleball, along with his Pickleball instruction duties at Shadow Mountain Resort, Evans is also
responsible for developing the resort’s popular Pickleball program, while conducting private
lessons and clinics, and coordinating 4 Pickleball tournaments a season with Coachella Valley
Grand Prix Pickleball. Recognized as a leading Pickleball teacher, Evans is a member of the
International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association

Key Titles

2017 Tournament of Champions

  • Men’s Doubles Open Division Champion

2017 US Open

  • Gold - men's doubles 25+
  • Gold - mixed doubles 35+
2016 SoCal Classic
  • Gold - open men's doubles
  • Gold - men's doubles 19+
2016 US Open
  • Gold - men's doubles 30+

    Kaitlyn Christian

    Team Selkirk Advisory Staff Member, Kaitlyn Christian, 26, is an American professional tennis player who is currently ranked #806 in singles by the World Tennis Association (WTA), and #101 in doubles. Christian attended the University of Southern California (USC), where she was one of best women’s doubles players in the country, and was ranked No. 1 in the country for part of all
    four years she played there. In 2013, she and Sabrina Santamaria won the N.C.A.A. Championship, the first doubles team from USC to do so. During her fledgling professional tennis career, Christian has captured one International Tennis Federation (ITF) title (2016 Tarakan) in singles, and she has been part of six ITF titles as a doubles player. Christian is also well-known for serving as Emma Stone's body double as Billie Jean King in the 2017 film Battle of the Sexes, while also credited as portraying tennis player Kerry Melville in the film. Today, Christian complements her success in tennis by participating on the Professional Pickleball circuit, in what has become the fastest growing sport in North America. While new to professional Pickleball, Christian is one of a growing number of current and former tennis players, and coaches, who have joined the tour and are rapidly rising in the ranks of the game’s elite players.